IT Managed Services

Trust Avax Digital to Manage Your IT
Let Avax Digital manage the hardware, software, networks, printers– and more – you use each day. Our services encompass storage, Cloud, virtualization, collaboration, mobility and more. We’ll perform asset management. We’ll manage your security, backup and disaster recovery. And we’ll find the best ways to keep you connected with your customers.


IT Services
  • PC and Mac Support
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Network and Security
  • Server Support
  • Benefits of Our Managed IT Support
Improve Every Part of Your IT
Avax Digital starts with defining the right IT strategy for your business. From there, we’ll design a solid and flexible architecture. Let us evaluate and implement the products and services that will be components of that architecture. And we’ll watch it day and night to make sure it’s always running.
Your Place, Our Place or the Cloud
Your business needs will determine which parts of your infrastructure you keep in house, which you colocate or host with Avax Digital and which deliver the best value when delivered in the Cloud. That includes storage, security, applications, traffic management – every element of your IT landscape.


We Fit Into Your Plans
Avax Digital covers the full IT spectrum, but you hire us to cover only what you need. We’ll take on some, many or all of the tasks involved with planning, implementing and maintaining your IT operation.
Top Notch Technologists on Your Team
Avax Digital Virtual technicians and support staff have certifications that encompass virtually every major manufacturer, standard and methodology.