InMarket Targeting

What it is

InMarket Targeting is a real-time list of the 3% of any market that is actively pursuing a purchase of what your clients sell.

Our technology combines Identity Resolution with behavioral tracking to produce targeting lists that are guaranteed to be populated by real human beings (i.e. not bots) who are exhibiting patterns that match recent buying behaviors.

InMarket Targeting lists are NOT based on demographics. They are based on real-time behaviors such as keyword searches, URL-level navigation, content consumption and campaign response.

They are permanent and portable, and owned and controlled by you, the agency. Meaning they are ready to be deployed for your agency’s campaigns on behalf of your clients across any platform and on any device, online or off, forever.

What it Does

InMarket Targeting allows you to eliminate wasteful ad spend because you’re only marketing to the right people.

It lets you eliminate all of the advertising that’s never going to work. When you do that, you automatically drive down your client’s cost per acquisition. And when you do that, you increase your client’s profits.

How We Do it

Our software tracks 200 million people and accumulates 25 billion pieces of behavioral data every day. We then apply machine learning to create conversion profiles for any market, any service, B2B or B2C.

From these conversion profiles, our algorithms reconstruct PATHS to purchase — what did buyers do in the days, weeks or months leading up to the purchase. Our AI then sorts through and looks for those patterns being repeated across the billions of behavioral data points we collect every day.

As your campaigns run using our data, our machine learning algorithm self-adjusts in real-time for every individual client to auto-optimize its targeting and conversion profiles, resulting in a prediction engine that improves and becomes more accurate over time.